Molly the Hollywood Lips

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Molly is Betty's younger sister, with beautiful brunette hair and big Hollywood lips that made her stand out in their small town. Molly loved to express her individuality through her fashion choices, and she was often seen wearing a denim dress and brown Mary Jane shoes.

Despite being Betty's sister, Molly was very different from her. While Betty loved the simple life on their family farm, Molly dreamed of something more. She wanted to be a star and to make a name for herself outside of their small town.

One day, a talent scout came to their town, looking for the next big star. Molly saw this as her chance to shine, and she decided to audition. She sang her heart out and danced with all her might, impressing the talent scout with her talent and charisma.

Before she knew it, Molly was on her way to Hollywood, living out her dream of becoming a star. She walked the red carpet, attended glamorous events, and even starred in her own movie.

But as she spent more time in Hollywood, Molly began to realize that the glitz and glamour came with a price. She missed her family and her simple life back home. She longed for the familiar sights and sounds of the countryside and the comfort of her denim dress and brown Mary Jane shoes.

In the end, Molly decided to return to her hometown, where she could be closer to her family and live the simple life she had missed. Despite her short-lived fame, she realized that true happiness came from being true to herself and being surrounded by those she loved.

From that day on, Molly continued to live a simple life, wearing her denim dress and brown Mary Jane shoes with pride. She remained close to her family and friends, proving that true happiness could be found in the simplest of things

Size 8 x 9 inches