Hannah the florist- Yellow Dress

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Hannah was a young girl with a passion for flowers. She loved nothing more than spending her days among the blooming tulips in her flower shop. Her bright yellow dresses matched the sunshine in her heart, and her smile could light up even the gloomiest of days.

One day, a woman came into Hannah's flower shop looking for a bouquet for her daughter's graduation. Hannah immediately got to work, carefully selecting the most vibrant and beautiful tulips for the occasion.

As Hannah arranged the flowers, the woman struck up a conversation with her. She was amazed by Hannah's talent and passion for her craft, and she could see the joy that Hannah's flowers brought to everyone who came into the shop.

Impressed by Hannah's talent and infectious spirit, the woman decided to offer her a scholarship to attend a prestigious florist school. Overwhelmed by the opportunity, Hannah accepted, knowing that it was the chance of a lifetime.

With her love for tulips and her talent for floral design, Hannah thrived in school and eventually opened her own flower shop. She never forgot her roots, though, and her yellow dresses and beloved tulips continued to bring happiness and light to her customers' lives for years to come.

Size 8 x 11 inches