Dorothy the Easy going

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Dorothy, the younger sister of Dakota, was known for her laid-back personality. While Dakota was always on the go, striving for perfection, Dorothy took life one step at a time. She enjoyed spending her days reading books, taking walks, and spending time with loved ones.

One summer afternoon, Dakota was feeling particularly stressed out about an upcoming exam. She had been studying for hours and couldn't seem to shake off her anxiety. That's when Dorothy stepped in. She suggested they take a break and head to the nearby lake for a swim.

At first, Dakota was hesitant to leave her books behind, but eventually gave in. As they splashed around in the cool water, Dakota felt all her worries disappear. She looked over at her sister and realized how lucky she was to have such an easy-going and carefree sibling. They spent the rest of the day swimming, laughing, and enjoying each other's company

Size 11 x 8

[Gold] Series. Includes upgraded stitching detail level as well as additional accessories.