Lilith the mischievous

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Type: Phone Purse


In a mystical realm, there was a witch named Lilith. Born with horns, Lilith possessed magical abilities that set her apart from others. Despite her peculiar appearance, she used her powers to save numerous people from perilous situations.

Lilith's personality was enigmatic, with a touch of eccentricity. Her vibrant red hair, carefully covering her horns, added to the air of mystery that surrounded her. Only when she unleashed her magic did her distinctive horns become visible.

People in the realm held a mixture of admiration and fear for Lilith. Her magical interventions brought gratitude, yet her unconventional demeanor and the occasional glimpse of her unique horns instilled a sense of awe. Lilith, the witch with the red hair and hidden horns, continued to use her powers to protect and enchant the lives of those who crossed her magical path.Size 12 x 8 inches.

Premium Features: 

*beautiful faux pearl chain straps

*increased stitching details

*apron semi detachable